Monday, May 17, 2010

Geo Nudy Golden Blue Circle Lense Review

Hi guys, today I wanted to review these circle lense that I got from over a YEAR ago. So it's time for an in-depth review right? before I throw them out atleast.These were my first ever pair of circle lenses, I think one of my favorites out of the six pairs that I own. (p.s excuse the eye makeup)

In natural light.

I love them :)
Heres my video review SUPER shy and nervous since I never did a speaking video before >.<

Ok so, these lenses are a beautiful shade of baby blue. They aren't completely blue or green because the lense is composed of blue and yellow specs of color to create the illusion of a greenish-blue color. The design itself isn't natural at all as with most Nudy Series Lenses. But, it's unnatural in a good way.
They have a dolly-eye affect to them being so light and the design makes your eyes look like jewels. The pattern is like a spiral and if you close in on them you can see a speckle pattern that resembles snake scales. I think without eye makeup these can sort of look like lizard eyes, but with a little eye makeup they look very cute.

I think these Lense is a good choice if you want a DRAMATIC eye color change. Like to go from almost black eyes to a grey-ish baby blue color. And they are kind of big, though there is a bigger Nudy Series out now..

My natural eyes, so small and boring =P

Here are some pictures in indoor lighting..

They don't look as light or dramatic indoors, they look a lot more gray.

Size : 4/5 - Very enlargeing, the color reaches the end of the rim of the lense.

Color : 5/5 - Gorgeous aqua blue color, very flattering.

Comfort : 3/5 - Blurry vision after a while,especially when looking down,can cause headaches(but I'm not used to wearing circle lenses all the time so it may be more comfortable for you)

Overall : 4/5 : I would buy these again , they last a whole year so it's worth the money and are relatively cheap nowadays.

Pictures of my OOTD , mainly my "Bon Voyage" shirt from . It's super over-sized o_o And matching grey sweatpants.

 Anyways, Geo Nudy Golden Blue from <3 LOVE THEM!!


Lisa Drives A Van said...

they are sooooo pretty!

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Good job on the video review :) Those lenses look amazing!

I really like your makeup too! So pretty.


Angelique said...

I really really love the color!! <3

ipehishere said...

omg ur eyess soo preety ^^

♪mei said...

you can pull of this grey so nicely!! they look so cute on you!!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

lovely review, you are so pretty. the lenses are amazing, i wana try the green ones of those hehe x

wendiieee nguyen said...

those lenses loook reallly good on you ! very nice colour :)

stellarvixen said...

i luvv the geo nudy goldenblue cirle lens on you!!!
you are gorgeous! like the way you apply the falsie lashes for undereye! impressive effect

i did a short review on Green cirle color contacts! checkout my blog!

me ordering a super geo nudy brown soon! & Barbie PINK circle lens
can't wait ~~

Nic Nic said...

you have pretty eyes, they compliment you a lot ;) I like your eye makeup too!

Mike said...

love your fringe + your eyelining skills ;)

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun =)
i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so feel free to check it out!

chung said...

Hey doll, thanks for visiting my blog. I watched your video and you're so cute. Loved the bloopers at the end. I like your blog I've followed you :D

tomi // my tiger lily blog said...

Your lenses look super cute on you!!!

stellarvixen said...

i just glance over your profile!
Honey, you are a hi-skooler!
of cuz you don need collagen ~
as you can reproduce & regenerate!!wheeeeee

only mid-twenties we need to lock-down the collagen hahaha

cut down on late nights stick to your fruit & vegetables babe!

you gotta see my sterling grey contact lens too! over in facebook add me back at my blog ;D

ahh i luv the way you crafted your look...

♪mei said...

ana thanks for the comment :D
if you want light eyebrows everyday then you can bleach it (we have a post on that in our blog) but if you just want to have light ones sometimes and dark ones sometimes then i think you can't get it very light but can only lighten the shade somehow by using brow powder& wax
hope that helped~~~

Lana Isabelle said...

You have such pretty features *_*

I'm soo going to buy those lenses, I have the nudy blues but not the golden ones~ Great review!


Lana Isabelle~

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Thanks for your comment <3
you have gorgeous hair too though, it looks soo silky xox

{ I V Y } said...

omg you look stunning with them on!

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Holy crud-- you look better with the Gei Nudy Golden Blues than I ever did. Haha. <33

And your nake-up is gorgeously flawless. I really like the bottom falsies~.

Musicalhouses said...

your makeup looks great! and the contacts look stunning on you!

Lene said...

hey girl, I tagged you :)

The blue lenses look so nice!

柏廷柏廷 said...

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♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

Your eyes are BEAUTIFUL esp with eyeliner and mascara - reallys goes with your hair sytle!

Couch said...

Good job on the video review :) Those lenses look amazing! I really like your makeup too! So pretty. xoxo