Sunday, September 6, 2009

Korean Actress Natural makeup Tutorial

My last minute second entry to Fuz & Mel's contest which ends TODAY D: I kinda just did it for kicks =P theres about 312423523 entries right now( well ..more like 90) so I completely gave up all hope of winning haha
I wanted to do the most simple look possible for those who arn't very skilled or don't have much time. It's as natural as I can do for a tutorial( for the sake of the video, I couldn't just show how to put just eyeliner or just mascara.. that's not really a tutorial =P) Inspired by Cho Ji-woo, Song Hye Kyo and all those other flawless actresses in Korean drama's and movies :D
Sorry about all the random clips at the end.. I tend to go a little crazy with that from now and then.

I was scared I wouldn't finish it in time because I got the worst migraine right after filming it... I had to take a nap with all the makeup still on, it stayed put though somehow :)

Need more ideas for videos.. I'm kind of stumped at the moment!
Till next time, Bye bye !


aniiita89 said...

you look soo cute :)

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I really need to brush up my eyelining skill as I always create thick n harsh lining

kalai said...

hey girl~ i love your tutorials. the benefit lip tint looks nice.. i always thought i'd be too bright b/c it looks really red in the tube.

ive subscribed to your youtube channel~

good luck for the contest^^ x

superblonde4u07 said...

Wow. Beautiful!! I love your videos. But in your next video, can you show your full face? Like, show how to apply foundation and maybe blush? It's kind of distracting when it's only a video showing your eyes and nothing else. Thanks! ^_~

*~kAy~* said...

good luck to you with that contest! :)
i like the natural look :) pretty <3

Ushishi said...

superblonde4u07 - im sorry i never made this clear , but I choose not to wear any foundation or blush or anything on my face. So because i don't wear it, i can't really demonstrate it. I only show the parts that i actually put makeup on. And its much easier to see the process of the makeup if the eye is close up in high quality =) Some people may not like the way i choose to film my videos, but it's just my own style and that i don't wear full face makeup.

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