Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Update , Follow me on my new blog!

Hey guys, I am really sorry I am gone from blogging/youtube. I realize I have gained many followers and I thank you all very much for your support <3. I won't be really posting that much on this blog until I am finished with my studies which won't be for about another year. I am currently working on my bachelors degree and working really hard so that I can find a good job once I graduate.  I promise I have not given up on beauty blogging, but college has taken up my life and its become like a full time, overtime job. Feel free to keep following me for when I return to blogging , I might have the occasional post here and there because I really have learned a lot over the past few years and hope to share my knowledge with you guys.

So a small update on my life, I started college about two weeks after I graduated high school back in June 2011. I am studying computer animation at Full Sail University and I am focused on character modelling.  I am scheduled to graduate in March 2013 if all goes well! :)

 My life is very busy, I go to class 5 days a week for 8 hours every day. Every month I start a new class and have new things to learn. I'm living the poor college student life too LOL!! I can only afford to buy hair dye to keep my hair color intact >_< .

I've been with my current boyfriend for over a year and a half now... we've been living together for a year and recently adopted our annoying yet adorable puppy Ollie.

Oh, so I made a new blog (almost forgot...). It's a blog for my school work and I'm going to update it more frequently than this one cause I'm gonna post everything I'm doing at school and my personal work too. I know it might not have much to do with this blog, since it's about my art... but I would really appreciate you guys support it, because this is what I'm devoting my life to at the moment =P

Thank you guys again for your support! <3


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Panty & Stocking Wig review

 I did a video review on this when I first received it, I really really like this wig. I have had experiences with wigs in the past, I've paid 40 bucks once for a wig that was ok, but it still looked really fake and did not fit my head very well. I like this wig because its very comfortable, it stays put nicely even if its so long.

 So kawaii!! xD I love Panty and Stocking... and I obviously prefer Stocking :) she's so cute and her costumes are really stylish. I bought this for halloween but I will probably use it for conventions and cosplay.
 The sellers name is Coszone, I bought it off ebay and it was relatively cheap compared to other ones. There were some of the same wig that were cheaper but the shipping time was much longer so I bought from this seller instead. They are located all the way in China but I received this in two weeks.